Lifting The Clouds – Play Nimbus

Originally appeared on a very old blog of mine, which no longer exists.  I’ve been teasing my team’s latest game project for a while now. Ever since we made “Todd Merchant” I’ve been dropping many, many casual hints (notice a few tweets related to clouds?) on Twitter about who the team is, what our next game is, and while we aren’t fully revealing our new project, we are surely revealing who we are and where you can officially follow us on the web for more hints towards the game. So who are we?  After many weeks of deciding, and finalizing just a few days ago, we have officially named our team Play Nimbus. It wasn’t easy coming up with a name that not only we liked and enjoyed, but were able to secure across many web platforms (Twitter, Facebook) and have a domain for. Lots of names were thrown around, but we…

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