The Homestretch of Game Development

Today is July 29th, 2013. My team and I have been working on Wobbles, a puzzle platformer inspired by Lemmings, since January - February-ish of 2013. While the majority of that time was on-and-off concepting and design, the past two months were pure development full time under Mass DiGI's Summer Innovation Program. We spent those two months executing on the plans we constructed months back by creating art, writing code, designing levels and obtaining coverage for the game. These last two weeks of game development (and the next one, one and a half, maybe) however have and will be been pure polish and wrapping up of Wobbles, getting it ready to submit to Apple and Google Play (among other Android marketplaces) and shipping the project. Let me tell you though, these last couple weeks, and the ones to come have been the most stressful (yet exciting) I've had in the…

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Kickstarter Report: Organic Panic – Worms Meets Little Big Planet

I love indie games. Why? Well, not only because I'm a games developer, but indie games are able to present a huge amount of creativity and freedom, thus you can create blends between two completely different games to make something amazing. That is exactly what Last Limb is doing with their upcoming game, Organic Panic. Organic Panic brings the gameplay and destruction of the classic game Worms and forges it with the creativity that is held behind Little Big Planet with level editing and customization. The team at Last Limb has spent many years developing a wonderful physics engine that allows both of these games to exist in a world together. Some of the core features of the game and it's physics engine revolve around it's destruction system. You can destroy everything you see, play with the fluids, and do pretty much whatever you'd like. The game uses the destruction…

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Top 5 Games I’m Currently Playing – July 2013

July is an interesting month. For one, it's the month that the Steam Summer Sale started. Secondly, it's a month that I'm working hard and crunching on to finish the game I'm currently working on, Wobbles. To be honest, the Steam Summer Sale and my game development life do not go together well, since I don't play many games when working on games. However, there are still a good handful of games I have been playing this month, and I'm here to let you know about them and hopefully help you find some new games to play! Rocksmith (Xbox 360) Rocksmith is a great game. Not only did it release in 2011 and maintain a replayability value, but it gives you a reason to keep playing. Rocksmith is a great asset for anyone who plays guitar, or is looking to learn. While it doesn't teach you everything and probably isn't…

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Kickstarter Report: Codename Cygnus – Interactive Radio Drama Comes to Your iPhone

Jonathon Myers, a well respected game and narrative designer in the Boston area has recently launched a Kickstarter for Codename Cygnus, an interactive radio drama for your iPhone. After hearing Jonathon tease the project for months on end at various local game developer meetups, it's great to see the Kickstarter to help push them right to the finish line for the project and help them create something unique and wonderful. In Codename Cygnus, you "play as a secret agent in an interactive fictional world inspired by old time radio dramas." Using voice recognition to interact and engage, you interact with this interesting story. The game is 100% story driven and is surely to be a fun experience. The game features some well known voice actors, such as: Logan Cunningham - Narrator from Bastion, Sarah Elmaleh - Skulls of the Shogun & Gone Home, Chris Ciulla - Fallout: New Vegas, and many…

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Guest Blog at Mass DiGI – Easy Street: Using Standard Industry Tools

I recently wrote a little blog post for Mass DiGI about my experiences during their SIP 13' program (which is still going on, but almost over!) and some industry tools we are using during the program. I talk about Perforce, TestFlight and GameAnalytics. If you didn't already know, Mass DiGI is a company in Worcester, MA which serves as a bridge for college students to the games industry. They are helping the students in the Massachusetts (and pretty much all of New England) area connect with industry professionals and benefit from these connections. The Summer Innovation Program (SIP for short) is a program that allows about 20 students a year to work collaboratively on four game projects (this year, two serious games and two entertainment games). The projects allow us to work with industry tools and mentorship and better us for the future. On top of that, we come out with a…

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WhatPulse – The Only Keylogger You Ever Want

Keyloggers. What a scary term in the current day of computers and the internet. Commonly used by  hackers to figure out what keys you are entering to log into say... your PayPal and ripping your password right out of it to make their own transactions with your money. Yup scary. You wouldn't ever consider downloading one for yourself though, would you?! I did. WhatPulse is an interesting piece of software that securely logs your keypresses, mouse clicks, etc. all for your personal enjoyment. Curious how many times you've hit your spacebar throughout today, last week, or even your entire life? What Pulse will tell you just that! I've been using WhatPulse for over 5 years now as a fun little way to just see what I do when I'm on the computer. Back then, the software is in its infancy, only tracking basic statistics such as key presses. Nowadays, it…

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Looking for Something Different?

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a nifty little game on Kickstarter, Something DIfferent. It reminds me of Cards Against Humanity in a way due it it's silliness, but is it's own game and looks like it'll be full of fun at parties. The game really is "Something Different" if you get what I'm saying. ;) Regardless, it has only a few more hours left on its Kickstarter, and you should definitely back it and push it over the $60k stretch goal if you haven't. I honestly can't wait to try it out since I've been following the Kickstarter of it for a few weeks now and my excitement level is way beyond what it usually is for a tabletop game. Anyways, here's the link to Something Different on Kickstarter. I'll definitely be publishing some sort of review on my blog once I get my hands on it and play…

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Development Update on Puggle Snuggle

Just working late tonight on Puggle Snuggle. Why I'm so motivated to actually work on this simple game/app this late at night is actually beyond me, but here's some Vine's of the work I did tonight. Don't mind the placeholder buttons and art. ;)

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