Unity Side Projects: Campfire Scene

Last night, I decided to mess around with Unity 3D for about an hour and create an environmental scene. I ended up making a nice little campfire scene, complete with particle effects and shadows! As a quick note, I didn't make any of the assets, you can thank the Unity Asset Store for that! I did this primarily to create a 3D environment after being accustomed to making 2D games for the longest time in Unity. This scene ultimately taught me a bit about the terrain editor, objects, lighting, and also made get a feel for that Z axis again, haha. After doing this quick side project, I plan on doing one every week or so, just to keep improving my skills and staying focused with Unity and environment/level design. You can keep up to date with all my side projects here, and all my environment and level designs here.…

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Unity Side Projects: Campfire Scene
Campfire Environment

In App Purchases: Why I Have No Problem With Them

We live in a different gaming industry compared to what we had ¬†many, many years ago. Back in the day, there was no such thing as "downloadable content," there were expansion packs that you bought at the store. There also was nothing that you could buy to supplement your gameplay experience, but there were cheat codes. Nowadays, extra content and supplements are usually found in the form of in app purchases in games. Many developers, notably Zygna, noticed the power of IAP's early on with their Facebook and mobile games, and many other developers have followed suit and have added them in their games. While they typically are a huge success for developers, many gamers find them insulting and have thoughts against the in app purchases. Personally, I have no problems with them. However, I am not everyone. As one person, I do not represent the entire gaming community. I…

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Kickstarter Report: Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis

Eleventh Level Interactive, an independent game development studio located in Canada, launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming game, Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis. The launch of their Kickstarter coincided with the launch of Kickstarter in Canada, and throughout the past few weeks has been doing very well! Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis is an underwater city building game for iOS and Android. As a newly found mayor of an underwater city, you must build your city, growing it to new heights, while exploring the depths of the ocean and the sea creatures that live among you. Players can personalize their underwater metropolis' by planning a unique city of their own. However, you must be aware of the challenges and dangers that lie around your city such as sharks, volcanos, earthquakes and more! What has me excited for Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis is the crazy and wacky…

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Boston FIG: Event Photos

I recently wrote a post about exhibiting my first event, Boston FIG. Below are a ton of photos I took from the event! Click any of the photos to make them full sized! As a quick note, there are still photos that need to be uploaded to the gallery. If you check back throughout the week, I should have a few more added!  Were you at Boston FIG? Share your photos in the comments below, and let me know what you thought of the event!

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Boston FIG: Event Photos
Mike showing Wobbles off!

Boston FIG: Exhibiting My First Show

Last weekend, my team and I exhibited at a local video game event, the Boston Festival of Indie Games. The event showcases roughly 100 different indie games from the New England area, primarily Boston. This event however was my very first event that I have worked and not attended as a fan. My team, Play Nimbus, showcased our game, Wobbles at the convention. Preparation The past few weeks have been crazy. We've launched our game and been working on preparing for our showing of Wobbles at Boston FIG. We debated for a while if we should get stickers to hand out, postcard sized promotion cards, a banner, etc. We also wanted to make sure we had some sort of sale during the convention. We ultimately decided to keep it simple. We ordered a 6 foot wide banner that clearly shows the game, Wobbles. We decided against ordering anything like stickers,…

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Boston FIG: Exhibiting My First Show
My exhibitor badge for Boston FIG!
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