My Unorganized Thoughts On Microsoft HoloLens

Author's Note: My thoughts carelessly thrown together below. May or may not be in a logical order, but more of how they're coming out of my head as I freely write this. You've been warned for grammar, haha. I've been reading a lot about Microsoft's HoloLens. The more and more I do, the less gimmicky it seems (based on how some people I know are reacting to it), and actually more like a brand new interface device for computers. Somethings I think people are mixing up is the idea that it's something you wear on you 24/7, which isn't the case. It's more like a PC or laptop today, where it comes with you, and you use it when it's appropiate. It's not Google Glass or an Apple Watch. It really seems to be an extension of a computer monitor to the world around you. Applications aren't 'programs' as we…

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Steam Giveaway: Don’t Starve Together Beta & More!

Winners announced! Check the bottom of the post for the list. Winners have 24 hours from 4:30PM, January 9th, 2015, to claim their prizes. Good afternoon! Its been a long while since I last did a giveaway on my blog, and I thought what better way than giving away a really cool collection of games on Steam! I've been digging around through my inventory on Steam, and noticed I have three games to giveaway for you to win! These games are: - Don't Starve Together (Beta) - Contraption Maker - Ace of Spades: Battle Builder To enter to win, simply follow the instructions below. There will be a new way to enter each day, until midnight at January 8th, when the giveaway ends. >> Day 1: Follow the instructions in this Tweet on Twitter! Don't forget to follow me! Day 1's entries are done. If you'd like to help promote the…


Game Development Recap – 2014

I had a goal to work on a few game development projects in 2014, and I think I did more than succeed that goal. While I actually didn't ship anything due to a few issues that came up with my Apple developer account, I did release a few games on my website or at least create and submit some game jam games! Currently, my game project list this year sits at 10 games, in a mixture of major games I worked on/am currently working on, in various stages from being a major projects, to a game jam project, to a incomplete game concept. Let's check out the list and hope I can improve upon this list throughout 2015! Major Game Projects: Codename Cygnus on Android My current job is working part time at Reactive Studios on Codename Cygnus and a few other unannounced projects. This year we shipped Codename Cygnus…

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