Unity Side Projects: Campfire Scene

Last night, I decided to mess around with Unity 3D for about an hour and create an environmental scene. I ended up making a nice little campfire scene, complete with particle effects and shadows! As a quick note, I didn't make any of the assets, you can thank the Unity Asset Store for that! I did this primarily to create a 3D environment after being accustomed to making 2D games for the longest time in Unity. This scene ultimately taught me a bit about the terrain editor, objects, lighting, and also made get a feel for that Z axis again, haha. After doing this quick side project, I plan on doing one every week or so, just to keep improving my skills and staying focused with Unity and environment/level design. You can keep up to date with all my side projects here, and all my environment and level designs here.…

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Unity Side Projects: Campfire Scene
Campfire Environment

Boston FIG: Event Photos

I recently wrote a post about exhibiting my first event, Boston FIG. Below are a ton of photos I took from the event! Click any of the photos to make them full sized! As a quick note, there are still photos that need to be uploaded to the gallery. If you check back throughout the week, I should have a few more added!  Were you at Boston FIG? Share your photos in the comments below, and let me know what you thought of the event!

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Boston FIG: Event Photos
Mike showing Wobbles off!

Boston FIG: Exhibiting My First Show

Last weekend, my team and I exhibited at a local video game event, the Boston Festival of Indie Games. The event showcases roughly 100 different indie games from the New England area, primarily Boston. This event however was my very first event that I have worked and not attended as a fan. My team, Play Nimbus, showcased our game, Wobbles at the convention. Preparation The past few weeks have been crazy. We've launched our game and been working on preparing for our showing of Wobbles at Boston FIG. We debated for a while if we should get stickers to hand out, postcard sized promotion cards, a banner, etc. We also wanted to make sure we had some sort of sale during the convention. We ultimately decided to keep it simple. We ordered a 6 foot wide banner that clearly shows the game, Wobbles. We decided against ordering anything like stickers,…

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Boston FIG: Exhibiting My First Show
My exhibitor badge for Boston FIG!

iPhone 2D Game Development With Unity 3D

Developing games for iOS (iPhones, iPad and iPod) is a pretty difficult subject, especially for many developers coming from a C# environment, like myself. Luckily, iPhone 2D Game Development isn't so hard when you work with Unity 3D (ironic, right?!) on either your PC or Mac! Right out of the box, Unity 3D might not seem like the perfect engine for you to use for 2D development on iPhones. After all, it does have 3D in its name! However, with the right tools and plugins, Unity 3D becomes the perfect engine to use for your 2D iPhone Development adventures. By using plugins like 2D Toolkit, SpriteManager 2, or others located on Unity's Asset Store, you'll be up and running in no time with a 2D Game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Using 2D Toolkit for 2D Game Development With Unity 3D Above, I listed two popular solutions for 2D…

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The Homestretch of Game Development

Today is July 29th, 2013. My team and I have been working on Wobbles, a puzzle platformer inspired by Lemmings, since January - February-ish of 2013. While the majority of that time was on-and-off concepting and design, the past two months were pure development full time under Mass DiGI's Summer Innovation Program. We spent those two months executing on the plans we constructed months back by creating art, writing code, designing levels and obtaining coverage for the game. These last two weeks of game development (and the next one, one and a half, maybe) however have and will be been pure polish and wrapping up of Wobbles, getting it ready to submit to Apple and Google Play (among other Android marketplaces) and shipping the project. Let me tell you though, these last couple weeks, and the ones to come have been the most stressful (yet exciting) I've had in the…

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Guest Blog at Mass DiGI – Easy Street: Using Standard Industry Tools

I recently wrote a little blog post for Mass DiGI about my experiences during their SIP 13' program (which is still going on, but almost over!) and some industry tools we are using during the program. I talk about Perforce, TestFlight and GameAnalytics. If you didn't already know, Mass DiGI is a company in Worcester, MA which serves as a bridge for college students to the games industry. They are helping the students in the Massachusetts (and pretty much all of New England) area connect with industry professionals and benefit from these connections. The Summer Innovation Program (SIP for short) is a program that allows about 20 students a year to work collaboratively on four game projects (this year, two serious games and two entertainment games). The projects allow us to work with industry tools and mentorship and better us for the future. On top of that, we come out with a…

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Development Update on Puggle Snuggle

Just working late tonight on Puggle Snuggle. Why I'm so motivated to actually work on this simple game/app this late at night is actually beyond me, but here's some Vine's of the work I did tonight. Don't mind the placeholder buttons and art. ;)

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Lifting The Clouds – Play Nimbus

Originally appeared on a very old blog of mine, which no longer exists.  I’ve been teasing my team’s latest game project for a while now. Ever since we made “Todd Merchant” I’ve been dropping many, many casual hints (notice a few tweets related to clouds?) on Twitter about who the team is, what our next game is, and while we aren’t fully revealing our new project, we are surely revealing who we are and where you can officially follow us on the web for more hints towards the game. So who are we?  After many weeks of deciding, and finalizing just a few days ago, we have officially named our team Play Nimbus. It wasn’t easy coming up with a name that not only we liked and enjoyed, but were able to secure across many web platforms (Twitter, Facebook) and have a domain for. Lots of names were thrown around, but we…

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