My Unorganized Thoughts On Microsoft HoloLens

Author's Note: My thoughts carelessly thrown together below. May or may not be in a logical order, but more of how they're coming out of my head as I freely write this. You've been warned for grammar, haha. I've been reading a lot about Microsoft's HoloLens. The more and more I do, the less gimmicky it seems (based on how some people I know are reacting to it), and actually more like a brand new interface device for computers. Somethings I think people are mixing up is the idea that it's something you wear on you 24/7, which isn't the case. It's more like a PC or laptop today, where it comes with you, and you use it when it's appropiate. It's not Google Glass or an Apple Watch. It really seems to be an extension of a computer monitor to the world around you. Applications aren't 'programs' as we…

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3 Amazing Game Development Tips & Tricks

Throughout the past week, I've come across three helpful game development tricks and tips I found on other game developers blogs. These tips vary from programming, to sound creation to even dealing with a bad game jam theme. I couldn't resist sharing them with everyone, so let's jump into the tips! Random Level Generation In Games I was reading Rami Ismail's Twitter recently and came across this blog post which details how Vlambeer created their random level generation system for Wasteland Kings. I found it very interesting to read and is making me consider using their theory for a few upcoming projects of mine. I hope you find it useful!     Read about it on Vlambeer's game development blog: usfxr: Bfxr Built Into Unity 3D! While reading through Reddit, I stumbled upon this awesome Unity 3D plugin called usfxr. Usfxr is a audio synthesizer which is put directly into…

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Unity Side Projects: Campfire Scene

Last night, I decided to mess around with Unity 3D for about an hour and create an environmental scene. I ended up making a nice little campfire scene, complete with particle effects and shadows! As a quick note, I didn't make any of the assets, you can thank the Unity Asset Store for that! I did this primarily to create a 3D environment after being accustomed to making 2D games for the longest time in Unity. This scene ultimately taught me a bit about the terrain editor, objects, lighting, and also made get a feel for that Z axis again, haha. After doing this quick side project, I plan on doing one every week or so, just to keep improving my skills and staying focused with Unity and environment/level design. You can keep up to date with all my side projects here, and all my environment and level designs here.…

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Unity Side Projects: Campfire Scene
Campfire Environment

In App Purchases: Why I Have No Problem With Them

We live in a different gaming industry compared to what we had  many, many years ago. Back in the day, there was no such thing as "downloadable content," there were expansion packs that you bought at the store. There also was nothing that you could buy to supplement your gameplay experience, but there were cheat codes. Nowadays, extra content and supplements are usually found in the form of in app purchases in games. Many developers, notably Zygna, noticed the power of IAP's early on with their Facebook and mobile games, and many other developers have followed suit and have added them in their games. While they typically are a huge success for developers, many gamers find them insulting and have thoughts against the in app purchases. Personally, I have no problems with them. However, I am not everyone. As one person, I do not represent the entire gaming community. I…

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iPhone 2D Game Development With Unity 3D

Developing games for iOS (iPhones, iPad and iPod) is a pretty difficult subject, especially for many developers coming from a C# environment, like myself. Luckily, iPhone 2D Game Development isn't so hard when you work with Unity 3D (ironic, right?!) on either your PC or Mac! Right out of the box, Unity 3D might not seem like the perfect engine for you to use for 2D development on iPhones. After all, it does have 3D in its name! However, with the right tools and plugins, Unity 3D becomes the perfect engine to use for your 2D iPhone Development adventures. By using plugins like 2D Toolkit, SpriteManager 2, or others located on Unity's Asset Store, you'll be up and running in no time with a 2D Game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Using 2D Toolkit for 2D Game Development With Unity 3D Above, I listed two popular solutions for 2D…

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WhatPulse – The Only Keylogger You Ever Want

Keyloggers. What a scary term in the current day of computers and the internet. Commonly used by  hackers to figure out what keys you are entering to log into say... your PayPal and ripping your password right out of it to make their own transactions with your money. Yup scary. You wouldn't ever consider downloading one for yourself though, would you?! I did. WhatPulse is an interesting piece of software that securely logs your keypresses, mouse clicks, etc. all for your personal enjoyment. Curious how many times you've hit your spacebar throughout today, last week, or even your entire life? What Pulse will tell you just that! I've been using WhatPulse for over 5 years now as a fun little way to just see what I do when I'm on the computer. Back then, the software is in its infancy, only tracking basic statistics such as key presses. Nowadays, it…

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