Kickstarter Report: Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis

Eleventh Level Interactive, an independent game development studio located in Canada, launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming game, Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis. The launch of their Kickstarter coincided with the launch of Kickstarter in Canada, and throughout the past few weeks has been doing very well! Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis is an underwater city building game for iOS and Android. As a newly found mayor of an underwater city, you must build your city, growing it to new heights, while exploring the depths of the ocean and the sea creatures that live among you. Players can personalize their underwater metropolis' by planning a unique city of their own. However, you must be aware of the challenges and dangers that lie around your city such as sharks, volcanos, earthquakes and more! What has me excited for Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis is the crazy and wacky…

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Boston FIG: Event Photos

I recently wrote a post about exhibiting my first event, Boston FIG. Below are a ton of photos I took from the event! Click any of the photos to make them full sized! As a quick note, there are still photos that need to be uploaded to the gallery. If you check back throughout the week, I should have a few more added!  Were you at Boston FIG? Share your photos in the comments below, and let me know what you thought of the event!

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Boston FIG: Event Photos
Mike showing Wobbles off!

Kickstarter Report: Organic Panic – Worms Meets Little Big Planet

I love indie games. Why? Well, not only because I'm a games developer, but indie games are able to present a huge amount of creativity and freedom, thus you can create blends between two completely different games to make something amazing. That is exactly what Last Limb is doing with their upcoming game, Organic Panic. Organic Panic brings the gameplay and destruction of the classic game Worms and forges it with the creativity that is held behind Little Big Planet with level editing and customization. The team at Last Limb has spent many years developing a wonderful physics engine that allows both of these games to exist in a world together. Some of the core features of the game and it's physics engine revolve around it's destruction system. You can destroy everything you see, play with the fluids, and do pretty much whatever you'd like. The game uses the destruction…

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Top 5 Games I’m Currently Playing – July 2013

July is an interesting month. For one, it's the month that the Steam Summer Sale started. Secondly, it's a month that I'm working hard and crunching on to finish the game I'm currently working on, Wobbles. To be honest, the Steam Summer Sale and my game development life do not go together well, since I don't play many games when working on games. However, there are still a good handful of games I have been playing this month, and I'm here to let you know about them and hopefully help you find some new games to play! Rocksmith (Xbox 360) Rocksmith is a great game. Not only did it release in 2011 and maintain a replayability value, but it gives you a reason to keep playing. Rocksmith is a great asset for anyone who plays guitar, or is looking to learn. While it doesn't teach you everything and probably isn't…

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Kickstarter Report: Codename Cygnus – Interactive Radio Drama Comes to Your iPhone

Jonathon Myers, a well respected game and narrative designer in the Boston area has recently launched a Kickstarter for Codename Cygnus, an interactive radio drama for your iPhone. After hearing Jonathon tease the project for months on end at various local game developer meetups, it's great to see the Kickstarter to help push them right to the finish line for the project and help them create something unique and wonderful. In Codename Cygnus, you "play as a secret agent in an interactive fictional world inspired by old time radio dramas." Using voice recognition to interact and engage, you interact with this interesting story. The game is 100% story driven and is surely to be a fun experience. The game features some well known voice actors, such as: Logan Cunningham - Narrator from Bastion, Sarah Elmaleh - Skulls of the Shogun & Gone Home, Chris Ciulla - Fallout: New Vegas, and many…

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Originally appeared on a very old blog of mine, which no longer exists.  A few days ago, I had the opportunity to attend one of the best concerts of my life, the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival. Upon arriving early and being one of the first metal heads into the fest, I wandered around and ran into something unexpected, an Xbox 360, a pair of Astro Gaming headsets, two guitars and a nice demo of Rocksmith. After watching two others try the game out, I decided to jump ahead and take a stab at the game and see if the game fulfills on it’s promise to be a real guitar game. Upon putting the Astro Headsets on so I can hear the game over the metal music in the background and putting the guitar around my neck, I instantly felt attached to the game. While feeling familiar to Guitar Hero, it is no where near…



Originally appeared on a very old blog of mine, which no longer exists.  A couple of years ago, a mysterious game from Twisted Pixel called ‘Splosion Man was released to the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Little did anyone know that this game would become the huge success as it is today that Twisted Pixel would have to create a full fledged sequel, Ms. ‘Splosion Man. Ms. ‘Splosion Man in general plays exactly the same as the original ‘Splosion Man did. You move around, blow up and move to the next checkpoint. Sounds simple? Not really. The game comes filled with many traps that sometimes make you want to throw your controller down on the ground and smash it into a million little pieces. Some of the traps that are in the game are familiar robots and scientists that were in the last ‘Splosion Man, but the majority are new and tougher enemies and…


Review: Universe Sandbox

Originally appeared on a very old blog of mine, which no longer exists.  Last week I saw a new game appear on Steam, Universe Sandbox. I was immediately drawn in not only because I have a little thing for stars and planets, but also because I saw a new sandbox game to try out. Immediately I went to the official website and tried out the demo which gave me access to premium features for 60 minutes and unlimited access to basic features. After playing for over a week, I have finally made a conclusion on the game, Universe Sandbox. Universe Sandbox is a game unlike others that I have seen before. At first glance it may look like a simple game, but after looking into it deeper you will notice that it is pretty complex. Universe Sandbox is simply a simulation of our universe. It has all the planets, moons,…

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