Lost in Space: Zero Gravity is an endless runner inspired by the movie Gravity for iOS devices. In the game, you navigate a stray astronaut through space, dodging asteroids and collecting coins.  It is available on iOS for FREE!


Lost In Space: Zero Gravity Core Features:

  • Endless gameplay and fun! Drift through the empty void of space and try to see how long you can survive.
  • Awesome stat tracking! See how many coins you’ve collected, how far you’ve traveled and more cool stats.
  • Leaderboards! You can have a game that tracks stats and not have leaderboards, right? Game Center support built into the game on launch!

Planned Updates, Incoming Fixes & Known Bugs:

So, before I launched, I realized there were a few bugs, and some of my early access players let me know about em… So far I currently know about:

  • Collected coins is not tracking right. It only adds one coin collected each match. I looked at the code and it will be fixed in an update coming soon.
  • UI isn’t 100% responsive. I’ve noticed this and will be implementing a brand new GUI system in the next update.

Additionally, I already outlined what features I want to add in the next update:

  • Fix the bugs listed above (obviously!)
  • Add a new powerup! A double score powerup will be coming in the next update. Get even higher scores! If you have more powerup ideas, please tweet me or email me!
  • Revamped UI and buttons. As mentioned above, it’ll be much, much, much better.
  • Adjusted advertisement serve frequency. Honestly, it’s a little too frequent now. I’ll be toying with it.
  • A few more stats and leaderboards. If you have more stat ideas, you can tweet me or email me!
  • Screen dimming… yes, you screen will dim after a while if using the accelerometer as a control, especially if you’re doing good.
  • Minor bug fixes for whatever else comes up. Already have a few small backend fixes lined up! 🙂

Do you have any other feature ideas for the next update, or even an update down the line? Tweet me or email me!

Lost In Space: Zero Gravity Screenshots

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