Lost In Space: Game Dev Update – Now on GitHub & More!

Oops! So I forgot to hit "Publish" on Friday. So a lot of this stuff is completely out of date. My bad.  Another week has passed since I wrote my last game development blog for my hobby project, Lost In Space, so I thought it'd be a good idea to write another! Let's dive in! What's New! Not much has changed aesthetically, however I made the production of the game a lot smoother. To get started, I just started using Git/GitHub for version control. For the longest time, I never took the time to learn how to use version control properly and how to get it to work with Unity. However, I ended up finding out how to get it all setup and I'm really excited that I finally have version control for this, and all my current and future projects. If you want to check out the GitHub repo…

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Ludum Dare 28: Tumbling Towers – A Small Post Mortem

It's done. I completed my first ever Ludum Dare project. Over the course of roughly 48 hours, with the help of caffeine and little amounts of sleep, I finished a new game jam project, Tumbling Towers. Over that small course of 48 hours, I logged my progress through a variety of development blogs on the Ludum Dare site, YouTube videos and an entire stream on Twitch.TV. Here's a quick recap: What is Tumbling Towers? Tumbling Towers is a physics based, tower building game where you must build the tallest tower you can using only one type of material. There are three materials in the game: Wood, Ice and Stone. Each of the materials has their own attributes. Wood is very average, Ice is the lightest, but is a little bouncy and has zero friction (so it will slide on the slightest slant), and Stone is very heavy and falls very…

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iPhone 2D Game Development With Unity 3D

Developing games for iOS (iPhones, iPad and iPod) is a pretty difficult subject, especially for many developers coming from a C# environment, like myself. Luckily, iPhone 2D Game Development isn't so hard when you work with Unity 3D (ironic, right?!) on either your PC or Mac! Right out of the box, Unity 3D might not seem like the perfect engine for you to use for 2D development on iPhones. After all, it does have 3D in its name! However, with the right tools and plugins, Unity 3D becomes the perfect engine to use for your 2D iPhone Development adventures. By using plugins like 2D Toolkit, SpriteManager 2, or others located on Unity's Asset Store, you'll be up and running in no time with a 2D Game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Using 2D Toolkit for 2D Game Development With Unity 3D Above, I listed two popular solutions for 2D…

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