iPhone 2D Game Development With Unity 3D

Developing games for iOS (iPhones, iPad and iPod) is a pretty difficult subject, especially for many developers coming from a C# environment, like myself. Luckily, iPhone 2D Game Development isn't so hard when you work with Unity 3D (ironic, right?!) on either your PC or Mac! Right out of the box, Unity 3D might not seem like the perfect engine for you to use for 2D development on iPhones. After all, it does have 3D in its name! However, with the right tools and plugins, Unity 3D becomes the perfect engine to use for your 2D iPhone Development adventures. By using plugins like 2D Toolkit, SpriteManager 2, or others located on Unity's Asset Store, you'll be up and running in no time with a 2D Game on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Using 2D Toolkit for 2D Game Development With Unity 3D Above, I listed two popular solutions for 2D…

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