My Unorganized Thoughts On Microsoft HoloLens

Author's Note: My thoughts carelessly thrown together below. May or may not be in a logical order, but more of how they're coming out of my head as I freely write this. You've been warned for grammar, haha. I've been reading a lot about Microsoft's HoloLens. The more and more I do, the less gimmicky it seems (based on how some people I know are reacting to it), and actually more like a brand new interface device for computers. Somethings I think people are mixing up is the idea that it's something you wear on you 24/7, which isn't the case. It's more like a PC or laptop today, where it comes with you, and you use it when it's appropiate. It's not Google Glass or an Apple Watch. It really seems to be an extension of a computer monitor to the world around you. Applications aren't 'programs' as we…

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