Back to School: Personal Goals For The Year

Tomorrow I'll be headed back to school at Becker College in Worcester, MA. I'll be majoring in Game Production and Management, which is a hybrid of business management, marketing and project management¬†majors. Last year, I took a year off to set my mind straight, decide 100% on what I want to major in, and to also get a few personal things done. As I start the school year off, I've decided to set some personal goals for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. Ultimately, I want to set these goals to test myself and achieve some great things over these next two semesters. Here they are: Release Two¬†Games on iOS - Also Get iOS License I want to release a few games in iOS this year. That will involve me getting my own personal iOS license. I really like making games, but actually polishing them up, being able to release it,…

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Kickstarter Report: Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis

Eleventh Level Interactive, an independent game development studio located in Canada, launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming game, Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis. The launch of their Kickstarter coincided with the launch of Kickstarter in Canada, and throughout the past few weeks has been doing very well! Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis is an underwater city building game for iOS and Android. As a newly found mayor of an underwater city, you must build your city, growing it to new heights, while exploring the depths of the ocean and the sea creatures that live among you. Players can personalize their underwater metropolis' by planning a unique city of their own. However, you must be aware of the challenges and dangers that lie around your city such as sharks, volcanos, earthquakes and more! What has me excited for Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis is the crazy and wacky…

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The Homestretch of Game Development

Today is July 29th, 2013. My team and I have been working on Wobbles, a puzzle platformer inspired by Lemmings, since January - February-ish of 2013. While the majority of that time was on-and-off concepting and design, the past two months were pure development full time under Mass DiGI's Summer Innovation Program. We spent those two months executing on the plans we constructed months back by creating art, writing code, designing levels and obtaining coverage for the game. These last two weeks of game development (and the next one, one and a half, maybe) however have and will be been pure polish and wrapping up of Wobbles, getting it ready to submit to Apple and Google Play (among other Android marketplaces) and shipping the project. Let me tell you though, these last couple weeks, and the ones to come have been the most stressful (yet exciting) I've had in the…

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