WhatPulse – The Only Keylogger You Ever Want

Keyloggers. What a scary term in the current day of computers and the internet. Commonly used by ┬áhackers to figure out what keys you are entering to log into say... your PayPal and ripping your password right out of it to make their own transactions with your money. Yup scary. You wouldn't ever consider downloading one for yourself though, would you?! I did. WhatPulse is an interesting piece of software that securely logs your keypresses, mouse clicks, etc. all for your personal enjoyment. Curious how many times you've hit your spacebar throughout today, last week, or even your entire life? What Pulse will tell you just that! I've been using WhatPulse for over 5 years now as a fun little way to just see what I do when I'm on the computer. Back then, the software is in its infancy, only tracking basic statistics such as key presses. Nowadays, it…

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