Top 5 Games I’m Currently Playing – July 2013

July is an interesting month. For one, it's the month that the Steam Summer Sale started. Secondly, it's a month that I'm working hard and crunching on to finish the game I'm currently working on, Wobbles. To be honest, the Steam Summer Sale and my game development life do not go together well, since I don't play many games when working on games. However, there are still a good handful of games I have been playing this month, and I'm here to let you know about them and hopefully help you find some new games to play! Rocksmith (Xbox 360) Rocksmith is a great game. Not only did it release in 2011 and maintain a replayability value, but it gives you a reason to keep playing. Rocksmith is a great asset for anyone who plays guitar, or is looking to learn. While it doesn't teach you everything and probably isn't…

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