2013 Recap – One Hell of a Year!

2013 has been one crazy ride. I honestly am surprised how quickly it went by and what happened this year. Easily said, it's been one hell of a year for me (and I'm sure many other people too). Compared to previous years, I've done so much in what seems like a little amount of time. I've released not one, but two successful games on the iOS and Android platforms, attended three awesome gaming conventions/events, worked on countless side projects and started a brand new company on the side, and I've also made a ton of great new friends. I'm surprised I have time to sleep! Global Game Jam (January) Global Game Jam was my second game jam competition I have ever participated in. I did it with two of my teammates from Play Nimbus, Mike and Adam. We worked on a game called Paranoia, which ultimately is a simple puzzle…

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Guest Blog & Interview: 100 Percent Indie – Student Team Play Nimbus Has The Wobbles

Back in August I did an interview with 100 Percent Indie about my game, Wobbles. I somehow didn't catch it when it went up, thus I didn't share it. During the interview, I talked about how we got formed as a team, the game development process, and much more. Head on over to 100PercentIndie.com to check out the interview! 

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Boston FIG: Exhibiting My First Show

Last weekend, my team and I exhibited at a local video game event, the Boston Festival of Indie Games. The event showcases roughly 100 different indie games from the New England area, primarily Boston. This event however was my very first event that I have worked and not attended as a fan. My team, Play Nimbus, showcased our game, Wobbles at the convention. Preparation The past few weeks have been crazy. We've launched our game and been working on preparing for our showing of Wobbles at Boston FIG. We debated for a while if we should get stickers to hand out, postcard sized promotion cards, a banner, etc. We also wanted to make sure we had some sort of sale during the convention. We ultimately decided to keep it simple. We ordered a 6 foot wide banner that clearly shows the game, Wobbles. We decided against ordering anything like stickers,…

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Boston FIG: Exhibiting My First Show
My exhibitor badge for Boston FIG!

Lifting The Clouds – Play Nimbus

Originally appeared on a very old blog of mine, which no longer exists.  I’ve been teasing my team’s latest game project for a while now. Ever since we made “Todd Merchant” I’ve been dropping many, many casual hints (notice a few tweets related to clouds?) on Twitter about who the team is, what our next game is, and while we aren’t fully revealing our new project, we are surely revealing who we are and where you can officially follow us on the web for more hints towards the game. So who are we?  After many weeks of deciding, and finalizing just a few days ago, we have officially named our team Play Nimbus. It wasn’t easy coming up with a name that not only we liked and enjoyed, but were able to secure across many web platforms (Twitter, Facebook) and have a domain for. Lots of names were thrown around, but we…

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