4 Social Media Tips for Game Developers

Being on a social media platform is key for any game developer. Whether you are an indie or triple-a game developer, having a social media account for your game is a must. One thing I have noticed while browsing other game developers on Twitter, Facebook, and so forth, is that some developers miss out on a few things that would instantly help propel their page and help them reach a wider audience for their game and company. Because of this I have created a handful of quick social media tips for game developers, and anyone else using social media for their product or brand. #Hashtags - Use Them Often Ever since Chris Messina "invented" the hashtag on Twitter, they have taken off to become the new way we find content on the web. If you're looking to find people talking about Unity 3D, a popular game development engine, you will find the…

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Twitter’s New Analytics Are Awesome!

Just the other day, Twitter rolled out an awesome update to their advertiser backend. Many of my marketing, public relations, and community manager friends will probably glad about these new changes. So, what did they change? The entire analytics section has been rebuilt and shows much more information than it has done before. As you can see, Twitter's completely redone their backend analytics and you can get extremely detailed information about your tweets, including how many people have seen and engaged with your tweet. What I love is that Twitter finally has an analytic platform that trumps any other service currently being offered. Up until now, I've been using SumAll for my Twitter analytics for any accounts I manage, however I am now going to heavily rely on Twitter's new analytics for the foreseeable future. Anyways, that's all I wanted to share. If you have the chance, definitely check out Twitter's…

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Twitter’s New Analytics Are Awesome!
Overall analytics for your Tweets.

1,000 Twitter Followers

Originally appeared on a very old blog of mine, which no longer exists.  On April 3rd, 2007, I stumbled upon Twitter through Major Nelson’s blog. Today, 1,490 days later, I have finally reached the magical number of 1,000 followers. Wow, just wow…. I am speechless right now just because of this huge Twitter milestone. I honestly cannot believe that I have 1,000 people who actually care about what I say and enjoy listening to me. Thank you all! <3 Without you guys and girls, I probably wouldn’t have even thought of doing what I have done and doing what I am doing right now. There would probably never be “The Angry Face Blog”, there wouldn’t have been an “Abstract360″ there probably wouldn’t have even been an AngryFacing on the internet. Because of Twitter, I have been connected to hundreds, if not thousands of amazing people that I probably wouldn’t have known existed.…

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