Indie Game Communities You Should Be Apart Of!

Visiting and participating in indie game communities, forums, blogs, websites, etc. is essential when you’re a small indie game developer. Below is a short list of the top indie game development communities. There’s plenty more beyond these few, but these are the best of the best! Go visit them, join their community, promote yourself plus your […]

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Inside Look: Agile Game Development Sprints With Halo 5

Many months ago, when the Halo 5: Guardians mutiplayer beta was released, 343 Industries also put out a documentary series on their game development sprints, called “The Sprint.” It was great! As an aspiring game producer, I found this documentary on how they run their sprints and what goes on during them very insightful. As 343 […]

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Lost In Space: Zero Gravity – Now Available!

After months of being in app approval limbo for months, my side iOS game project, Lost In Space: Zero Gravity, is now available for download on the iTunes App Store! Lost In Space: Zero Gravity is a endless runner for iOS inspired by the movie Gravity. In the game, you navigate a stray astronaut through […]

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