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The Beginning of a New Table Top Game: Locked & Loaded

My good friend Erik Scott and I are working on a new table top game. I’m working on a blog post talking about it which should be up somewhat soon, but until then, here’s the first concept for our upcoming game Locked & Loaded. Does anyone have any thoughts or speculation on what this game might […]

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2013 Recap – One Hell of a Year!

2013 has been one crazy ride. I honestly am surprised how quickly it went by and what happened this year. Easily said, it’s been one hell of a year for me (and I’m sure many other people too). Compared to previous years, I’ve done so much in what seems like a little amount of time. […]

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Ludum Dare 28: Tumbling Towers – A Small Post Mortem

It’s done. I completed my first ever Ludum Dare project. Over the course of roughly 48 hours, with the help of caffeine and little amounts of sleep, I finished a new game jam project, Tumbling Towers. Over that small course of 48 hours, I logged my progress through a variety of development blogs on the […]

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